General rental conditions and theft guarantees

1. Object

The present constitute to date the general conditions of sale, of service offered by OUEST CHARENTE OUTDOOR, namely the rental of electric assistance bikes (e-bike) with or without GPS guidance and Canadian canoes allowing the discovery of the territory of the West Charente as well as canoeing.

2. Rental conditions

In accordance with articles L111-1 and L111-3 of the consumer code, the essential characteristics and the prices of the goods and services sold are available on the OUEST CHARENTE OUTDOOR website.

These general conditions are applicable to all sales of goods and services made by OUEST CHARENTE OUTDOOR

The holder of this rental contract is the custodian of the cycle (s) and (or) of the rented canoe (s) and of the equipment supplied from the start of the rental (art. 1383 and 1384 of the Civil Code) and until its end to the restitution.

For any rental, a deposit will be requested (check and ID).

All equipment must be returned in their original conditions (mechanical operation and cleanliness) except for ordinary wear and tear arising from normal use.

Ouest Charente Outdoor applies specific rules regarding rental to underaged customer(s) accompanied by the person (s) legally responsible.

For canoe rental: attesting to the ability to swim at least 25 m and to immerse oneself, as well as wearing closed shoes are compulsory.

3. Reservation and availability

Reservations are effective depending on the availability of bikes and canoes.

Reservations are made by phone (see contact section) and are validated by OUEST CHARENTE OUTDOOR.

4. Payment

The customer pays for his reservation by cash or bank check, at the latest on the day of the service.

5. Cancellation of the service due to OUEST CHARENTE OUTDOOR

WEST CHARENTE OUTDOOR reserves the right to cancel the reserved service, if the security, the interest of the participants, or an exceptional or unforeseen nature (weather, demonstration and any event threatening the smooth running of the activity) requires it.

6. Service

The content of the services is described on the website www.

7. During the rental, it is forbidden to:

  • Ride or gain a foothold on private property
  • Carry a load of more than 25 kg on the luggage rack
  • Transport a child under 18 months without suitable equipment
  • Extend the duration of the rental without our prior agreement
  • Under rent / Embark a person in a canoe

8. Guided e-bike rides

Before departure, the guide explains the safety rules and how the equipments provided work.

The guide alone decides of the ride’s pace and the breaks suitable for the group.

The guide reserves the right to cancel the hike or to modify its course if the security, the interest of the participants or an exceptional character requires it.

The customer is solely responsible for his actions on the public road. Ouest Charente Outdoor would not be held responsible for any accident occurring due to the behavior of the client or a third party. The customer assumes custody of the bicycle and the equipments that are under his responsibility.

9. Canoe supervision

All supervised canoeing activities are under the responsibility of the licensed canoe kayak instructor / guide.

10. Our professional civil liability

Ouest Charente Outdoor provides its customers with equipment in good working condition, revised and in compliance with current regulations and safety requirements. Ouest Charente Outdoor has taken out civil liability insurance. The client has sole control of the rented equipment. Ouest Charente Outdoor cannot be held responsible for any damage suffered by the client. The customer is solely responsible for any damage it causes to third parties. The customer is informed that he must have taken out a civil liability which guarantees him in the event of damage.

11. Loss, theft, damage:

From the provision and until their return by the customer, the bicycle or canoe as well as the equipment are placed in the custody of the customer, who will be solely responsible for any loss, theft or deterioration.

In the event of theft, loss or deterioration, the holder of this rental contract undertakes to compensate Ouest Charente Outdoor for the full market value in new condition of the bicycle or canoe as well as all the equipment provided in addition to the cost of the rental according to the updated scale displayed at reception.

Repairs made on the cycle (s) and canoe (s) outside Ouest Charente Outdoor can only be reimbursed after prior agreement from us and upon presentation of the invoice no later than from the rental.

12. A cycle guarantee *

Against theft of € 3 per day and per rented cycle will be offered to you when signing the rental contract (the conditions of which are displayed at reception).

13. Authorization to publish photographs

During the course of activities or services, photographs of customers may be taken.

The customer is informed and accepts that photographs on which it appears, may be published by OUEST CHARENTE OUTDOOR, on its website and other networks for promotional purposes. If the client does not want photographs on which he appears to be published by OUEST CHARENTE OUTDOOR, on his website or other networks must inform OUEST CHARENTE OUTDOOR before the start of the service.

* Theft Guarantee: 3 € optional

For more peace of mind and in addition to the anti-theft device provided, OUEST CHARENTE OUTDOOR also offers a GUARANTEE AGAINST THE THEFT of each bicycle, here are the details:

  • In the event of theft, the holder of this rental contract must reimburse OUEST CHARENTE OUTDOOR the full market value in new condition of the stolen cycle in addition to the cost of the rental.
  • A guarantee against theft of 3 € per day and per rented bike will have been offered to you upon signing the rental contract.
  • With this guarantee and in the event of theft, a fixed compensation of € 1,400 (corresponding to 50% of the price of the bike) will be required.
  • In the event of theft of a rented cycle, you must go, within a maximum of 24 hours, to the place of rental provided with the following documents:
    • Stolen cycle rental contract
    • Copy of the report of theft report made to the police authorities (with the reference of the stolen bicycle)
    • Copy of valid ID

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